International Law Summer Tour in Europe (2018)


2018 International Law Summer Tour in Europe (15 days)

Dear Students,

Here are some reminders for your dress code during the Study Tour :

Here are some important reminders about your Study Tour schedule:

  • During the weekends, your dress code could be Smart Casual.
  • As you know, professionalism and appearance are taken very seriously by courts, law schools and law firms across the world. As such, here are some suggested items to bring for your study tour:

Small Casual

  • For Ladies: A reasonable length skirt (not mini-skirt) or trousers of a non-jeans, material combined with a top (such as a dress shirt, polo, or sweater set) is considered acceptable. An informal dress with appropriate skirt length is also acceptable.
  • For Gentlemen: A combination of collared shirt (such as a dress shirt or polo shirt),   cotton trousers (such as khakis or blue, green, brown, or black trousers) with a belt, and modest shoes (such as loafers) with socks is generally acceptable. A blazer or business jacket can optionally be added.

Business Attire

  • For Ladies, this category can look numerous ways. It includes tailored pantsuits, businesslike dresses, and coordinated dressy separates. When wearing separates, tailored jackets are required.
  • For Gentlemen, this category still demands a tie and it’s still worn with a dress shirt. However instead of a suit, this category includes a tailored sport coat worn with dress trousers.

Day 1 Saturday, July 11:Arrival Day

  • Pick up from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
  • Check in at the hotel
  • Welcome dinner with all organizations and students


Day 2 – Sunday, July 12:Relaxing and Sightseeing Day (The Hague)

  • Introduction in groups in a park
  • Visiting Madurodam (a miniature park of the Netherlands)
  • Visiting Scheveningen beach


Day 3 – Monday, July 13:Training Program at Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI) (The Hague)

The Institute for International Criminal Investigations (IICI) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental international organization

  • Program introduction by IICI
  • Introduction to public international law
  • Welcome Lunch hosted by IICI
  • Setting the scene: international criminal-justice and human-rights investigations

Day 4 – Tuesday,  July 14:Training Program at IICI (The Hague)

  • Introduction to international institutional law and international human-rights law
  • Overview of international law on genocide
  • Lunch hosted by IICI
  • Overview of basic features of the international Criminal Court and other relevant accountability mechanisms

Day 5 – Wednesday, July 15:Training program at IICI (The Hague)

  • Morning section with presentations and discussions
  • Certificate ceremony from IICI during the lunch
  • Presentation, tour and workshop at the Dutch Parliament, to learn about the Dutch political culture and systems

Day 6 – Thursday, July 16:International Criminal Tribunal of the former Yugoslavia  (ICTY) and Lunch with Mayor (The Hague)

  • Attend introduction course provided by ICTY
  • Attend hearing process at ICTY
  • Q&A section with Judge
  • Meet vice Mayor of The Hague
  • Welcome lunch ceremony with the vice Mayor of The Hague


Day 7 – Friday, July 17:International Criminal Court (The Hague)

  • Workshop at the International Criminal Court
  • Attend the hearing process at ICC
  • Visit Noordeinde Palace and the Supreme Court


Day 8 – Saturday, July 18:University and Visiting Amsterdam

  • Workshop at the Law School of University of Amsterdam
  • Picnic in Central Park in Amsterdam
  • Sightseeing and Boat Tour in Amsterdam


Day 9 – Sunday, July 19:Outlets Shopping Day (Roermond, The Netherlands)

  • Shopping at the biggest outlets of the Netherlands, Roermond Outlets


Day 10 – Monday, July 20:Law Firm Visiting Day (Amsterdam)

  • Workshop at the No.1 Law Firm in the Netherlands, which is located in the financial center of Amsterdam (Zuidas)
  • Presentation by top lawyers
  • Sharing work experiences about the differences between Chinese and European law
  • Q&A section
  • Afternoon, the windmills of Zaanse Schans


Day 11 – Tuesday, July 21:International Court of Justice (The Hague)

  • Presentation by International Court of Justice Office
  • Meet with one of the top Judge at ICJ
  • Q&A section with Judge
  • Court proceedings observation if in session
  • Visit Peace Palace and the Peace Palace Library (the biggest law library of the world)


Day 12 – Wednesday, July 22:Sightseeing at European Capital (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Workshop at the European Council
  • Afternoon sightseeing in Brussel


Day 13 – Thursday, July 23:EU Day and Sightseeing in Paris (Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France)

  • Tour and presentation at the Parlamentarium
  • Workshop at the European Parliament
  • Arrival in Paris in the afternoon


Day 14 – Friday, July 24:Paris Visiting (Paris)

  • Visit to the prestigious Law Faculty of the University of Paris
  • Sightseeing in Paris


Day 15 – Saturday, July 25:Departure Day (Paris, France)

  • Check out of hotel and travel to airport
  • Fly to the People’s Republic of China


Day 16 – Sunday, July 26:Arrival Day

  • Arrive at the Airport in China